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As a clinician, I have been incredibly impressed by how well my clients have engaged in teletherapy and how quickly they began progressing towards their goals. For the majority of my career, I offered strictly office-based services, although with significant improvements in technology, I can now offer therapy that is just as effective as office-based therapy. This includes biofeedback and EMDR also! 


I encourage anyone considering therapy to give teletherapy a try!

Flexible Schedule

No more strict office hours! Teletherapy allows for clinicians to have an increase in availability and more flexible hours to facilitate therapy sessions.


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Unfortunately, our society has a reputation for busy schedules and being overcommitted.  Teletherapy assists those who already have hectic schedules, still make therapy and their wellness a priority.  It’s a win-win for time management!


All sessions are in the comfort of your own home! Get comfortable in your own space without the worry of waiting rooms, stuffy offices, or sitting in traffic.  Favorite PJs, cozy blankets, and emotional support furbabies always welcome! 

Greater Access

Oftentimes, clients would prefer to work with a specific therapist that would better fit their needs, although instead must work with a therapist that is closer to home.  Teletherapy allows clients to find their perfect therapist, without the constraints of location. Having greater access to a therapist that has an area of speciality that matches your needs is vital to overall growth and recovery.


If you chose to keep your participation in therapy private, there are no concerns regarding crossing paths with a neighbor, co-worker, or classmate. In addition, the telehealth platform utilized is HIPPA compliant and is not accessible by anyone other than client and therapist. For those who have concerns with others in their home hearing therapy sessions, white noise machines, often found in therapy offices, also work great at home.

Evidenced Based Treatment Options

The same evidenced based treatment options are also available via teletherapy. For instance, one of the most effective treatments for trauma and eating disorders is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) which is available via teletherapy with the same effectiveness rate as office-based treatment. 


Have concerns regarding teletherapy? Please email me or set up a phone consultation to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

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